About Nordic Militaria



1. Who's behind? 

NORDIC-MILITARIA is a part of Djurhuus Antiques, and Djurhuus Antiques is owned by Soren Djurhuus and Christian Djurhuus. 

So, as you might can guess, it's a "familiy business". 

Christian is the son of Soren. Soren started collecting military antiques when he was a teenager, and so did Christian once he was a teenager, and never gave up collecting. 

Soren and Christian run the businnes with the slogan "By collectors, for collectors". 


2. How many years collecting World War 2? 

Since 2003 they focused more and more on World War 2 miilitary antiques, and that is how Nordic-Militaria started. 


2. Why choose Nordic-Militaria when buying and selling? 

Well, first of all we understand a business isn't woth more than it's reputation. - So therefore we are interested in maintaining our good reputation. 


  • If wanted we provide a certificate of authentication, and always (Certificate or not) guarantee our items sold are 100% Original - NO FAKES ON NORDIC-MILITARIA! 
  • Fast shipping, and fast answers to questions.


  • Always competitive offers.
  • Easy transactions and no-nonsens. - Just send a picture, and you get a offer. 
  • All transactions, whether buying or selling, are dealt with in the strictest confidence. 
  • No purchase is too small or too big. -> It's all interesting.